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How To Adjust To Daylight Saving


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With daylight saving in full swing, you’re likely trying to adapt your internal clock to the changes. We’ve created a helpful list below to get you on the right track: 


Keep The Same Routine

The effects of daylight saving time are short term, so there’s no need to completely shift your routine. It is actually better to stay true to the current routine you have in place. For example, you should aim to continue with your normal sleep schedule - allowing your body to fall asleep during its normal bedtime. Things will gradually start to feel back to normal as the days go by. 


Take In The Light

With natural light being the strongest signal to adjust our internal clocks, you want to aim to get more natural light early in the morning 15 minutes after you wake up. Try hanging sheer curtains up in your bedroom to help bring in natural light or simply go for a morning walk or run.  


Fight The Urge To Nap

We understand how tempting it can be to take a midday nap after a change in time. However, we highly recommend you skip taking a nap, as it could end up going against you. Taking a nap could potentially delay your normal bedtime routine causing you to miss out on a full night’s rest.


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