Resident Doggie Daycare - A Community Perk To Seal The Deal



For some tenants, finding their perfect apartment home is about cutting their commute in half or that sparkling resort-style swimming pool to help combat the hot-humid summers in Atlanta. For Marc Burger and Cheryl Kliewer, both residents at Notting Hill Apartments located in Dunwoody, GA, it was the exact opposite.


When Cheryl Kliewer moved from South Dakota to Atlanta last March, she toured at several Dunwoody apartment complexes in the area, all offering the same run-of-the-mill apartment and community amenities. While Cheryl liked Notting Hill’s apartment facility itself and convenient location to her job, major highways, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife, it was the resident doggie daycare that sealed the deal. In fact, it was a 90% deciding factor.


Being a busy dietician, Cheryl spends around 10 hours a day away from her apartment - which also means time away from her two furry friends Armani and PeeWee. Armani and PeeWee visit the doggie daycare 3 times a week and according to Cheryl, she is not the only one who enjoys this “not so ordinary” community perk. Armani and PeeWee enter the doggie daycare with their tails-a-waggin, full of excitement for what the day holds.


Cheryl’s appreciation for the doggie daycare goes beyond its convenient hours. Malcolm Aga, owner of The Pet Resorts - Dunwoody, and his team come highly recommended. According to Cheryl, the staff is what makes the doggie daycare so great. “They do a good job, they’re consistent, and caring”, says Cheryl. Every day when she picks up her pups she is provided a full run-down of how the day went for Armani and PeeWee. She has even noticed a change in their behavioral skills as well.

Marc Burger, an Australian native and financial professional, also enjoyed the close proximity Notting Hill provided to his office. However, Marc did not own a dog prior to moving to Notting Hill. It was the doggie daycare that inspired him to get a Boston Terrier named Scarlett for his wife and 7 and 9-year-old kiddos.


Being in a managerial position for a large financial institution, Marc also spends a majority of his time away from the apartment. Scarlett visits the daycare every day of the week and is typically picked up around 6 p.m. According to Marc, while Scarlett is in a good mood when he picks her up, “she comes home exhausted.”


For Marc and his family, while Notting Hill is a nice complex, the doggie daycare is simply a “massive bonus” that is unmatched. Marc enjoys receiving updates on Scarlett via phone and believes the staff genuinely cares about the dogs.


Seal The Deal at Notting Hill Apartments in Dunwoody


Notting Hill Doggie Daycare is operated locally by The Pet Resorts which also offers overnight cage-free boarding, grooming, and training services at their 2 Atlanta area locations. For a small daily fee of $10, you can have all of the convenience and excitement the Notting Hill Doggie Daycare provides - you won’t find a better deal.


Are you and your furry friends looking for the perfect place to call home in Dunwoody? Schedule a tour at Notting Hill and preview a new take on apartment living.


For more information on the Notting Hill Doggie Daycare give us a call today at (770) 217-9615!


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